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Okay, the initial Intro is just a little too boring! Yea, Sophia lives, loves, loses and wins like everybody else her age. Alright, maybe not like everybody else her age. Sophia seems like a well behaved girl, but there is a streak of badness that runs through her personality. She fights, a lot. Although, she justifiably knocks the snot of a few kids, there is just a little tiny piece of her that is proud; more so, her dad is. Grandpa and Grandma don’t seem to have an opinion. Mom certainly does, and Sophia gets called to the carpet. That streak of badness leads her to devise an ambitious scheme. She and Allie break the law in a big way resulting in an unexpected outcome. 

✏To Allie, science rules. She has a strong sense of right and uses science to prove it. No one, not even Sophia, knows how Allie obtains narcotics, pharmaceutical grade, that is. And, Allie can wield a scalpel with such precision that she can slice and stitch without even a micro of hesitation, but not fast enough that Sophia passes out from the sight of bloody animal flesh. At least by the time Sophia comes literally face to face with a few dead corpses, she is a desensitized enough not to upchuck or pass out. 

✏The historical backdrop: Bluntly, the masses royally f***ed-up. Crude to say, agreeably, but there is no nice way to say it. That is what happens when people don’t understand or know their history, their biography, in the scheme of all things. Those who knew better could have changed things. They didn’t. They held on to that self-serving status-quo so tight that the center shifted in the wrong direction and those that didn’t know better, followed. Followed beyond the carrying capacity for which made the future rather bleak for many of humankind! ✏True, this book is riddled with socio/anthro concepts. Because, concepts like these are elements to social understanding. And, I like to take opportunity for a teaching moment! 
So, /:b’ THPPT!
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