Evolution of Material Remains:
❦ 1994: Conception of an idea and a title.
❦ 1994-1996: Evolving, Sophia and Allie and the tree house are born in thought. 
❦ 1996-1998: Notes and ideas. Johnie born in thought. The morgue and the lay out of the morgue designed.
❦ 1999-2002: Writing discouragement.
❦ 2002: Moved to the greater Boston area, Wenham, MA. 
❦ 2003: Read On Writing by Stephen King and was inspired once again. Moved to Swampscott, MA.
❦ 2003-2005: Lucas born in thought, the no-name bully. Conception of F-block game. Added Sociological Imagination.
❦ 2005: Moved back to Stockton, CA. 
❦ 2008: First independent edit by Nick Nicholski. At Nick’s suggestion, A General History is written. 
❦ 2009: Sent Material Remains sent to Library of Congress. Added the poem White Man’s Gift. 
❦ 2010: February 25, house fire destroys garage including work station and craft supplies for making book covers. Moved back home Nov 12.
❦ 2011: May completed, hopefully: ≈84,170 words.
​❦ 2011: October, added an alternate Book Introduction.
❦ 2012 August 24, ≈ 86,249 words

Personal Acknowledgment
Initials are being used to acknowledge just in case this book is not received well. 
❦First, a big Thank You to R.(K.)S. for titling this book, albeit unknowingly. This book is an evolution from an original idea thought up in the Anthro Lab at SJDC.❦T.D. for technical advice and information.

❦Second, to all my instructors and professors who guided me along my unbeaten path to my Sociological Imagination. Especially:
 SJDC: M. W.: Sociology: Inequalities, Culture Anthropology ✴P.S.: Archaeology, Physical Anthro ✴J.S. (retired): Education, Sociology ✴S.T. (retired): Anthropology: Northern Native Americans, Sociology: Modern Institutions. 
CSUS: R.K. (retired) Sociology: Theoretical, Collective Behavior ✴L.K. (retired) Sociology: Class Inequality, Education 

✷ Beverly Public Schools, Beverly MA, for allowing me to work and learn with students in the Autism program.
✷Especially, I am grateful to Nicholas Nichowlski (screen writer & friend) for editing and giving such valuable advice and suggestions.

✒All characters are fictional.
❦All ideas and thoughts come from life’s experiences, unconscious and conscious learning.
❦Fictional historical events were influenced by real news and historical events. 
❦The poem White Man’s Gift is my creation from a dream.
❦Socio/Anthro theory and ideas were influenced progressive thought. Sociological Imagination was taken from various book sources . . .
❦Sophia’s character was inspired by the book Sophia, by Susan Cady, et.al., 1986 . . . 
❦The solar heat cups,  Discover Magazines: Catch the Fire, Vol. 24 No. 08, August 2003.
❦The idea for the various sporty motor car sounds for the electric car, I have no idea.
❦ The description of County Hospital was inspired by the real San Joaquin General Hospital. SJGH dates back to the Gold Rush, 1857. The hospital where it stands today was built in the late 1890's and expanded in the 1990's. The hospital is located  in French Camp, CA. The pest house [pit] – yes, they really called it that – was not located at the hospital. 
❦The physical and social foundation for Pan Terra Academy was inspired by the real Alternative, Pan Terra, still serving students today in Vancouver, Washington – but not in an empty supermarket building where I attended.

✴An interesting fact: Herbert Spenser, given the distinction of being the father of Social Darwinism, coined the phrase Survival of the fittest, not Darwin.
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