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Wishes to Heaven
   This is a story that begins in a far away land. In a small village on the edge of the largest ocean on earth, a young woman is promised in marriage to a young fisherman, a promise that was not necessary. For since they were young, they would stand at the edge of the ocean, look to Heaven, and asked to be joined forever.
After they married, the couple again stood at the ocean’s edge and looked to Heaven and asked:
    -Please, a boy, a big boy.
   And for extra measure, they added:
   -A giant boy!
   Soon the wife grew big and bigger. So big that just when she thought she would burst, she gave birth to a baby boy – a bigger than the usual size baby, and quite handsome, too. They named him The Giant; Giant was his nickname. 
   As The Giant grew tall, more brothers were added to the family, all of average size and looks: Brother Two, Brother Three, and Brother Four. But something was missing, so one day the husband and the wife stood once again at the ocean’s edge and looked to Heaven and asked:
   -Please, a girl. A small girl.
   Grateful for what they have received, they added:
   -A little, little girl will bring great happiness.
   Soon, the wife grew, but not very big. She worried that something may be wrong. And, just when she believes that something was terribly wrong, she gave birth to a little, little baby girl. The baby girl may have been extra little, but she was fat, strong, and could cry so loud that Heaven could hear her cries. 
   The little baby girl’s eyes shined like shiny black glass and her hair was blacker than a moonless midnight sky over the deepest of the ocean. Her skin was white as ivory and delicately soft. Her beauty exceeded that of all others. Fearing for their child, they named her Muc to repel the evil spirits from stealing her away. 
   As little Muc grew, but not by much, she used her voice to be heard, to be noticed, and mostly just to sing. She could sing so beautifully that even Heaven noticed. Kisses would ride down from Heaven on a gentle breeze just to caress little Muc’s face. 
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