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Wishes to Heaven:
Muc and the 
Introductory Page

This book is dedicated in loving memory to Muc Nguyen (1954-2010). She was diagnoses with Kidney Cancer in 2010 and lived only a short time after. 

As this writer pondered and pondered about how she could help her friend, she thought up this story. The story was inspired by Muc’s young life. Although Muc did not have a giant brother, she was very little, very beautiful, and she had the most loveliest voice that even Heaven could hear. Muc conquered many things in her life time, but this type of Cancer was a battle she could not defeat. There was no time to write this story into words for her, so this writer went to Muc’s home, and as they sat on the front porch holding hands, this writer told Muc the story of Wishes to Heaven. Muc smiled, and that was all that was needed. Soon, Muc passed away quietly surrounded by family, but her stories will lives on. 

​This story was placed on Muc’s alter for all children to be read to, or to read for themselves, but, most importantly, to ask to hear stories about Muc’s life.
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